33 - Today we created the World


Today we created the World.

Today we separated Light from darkness
and we invented the colours.
We filled the airs with nice winds
and nacarat clouds. Today.

And we did fresh waters with mythological beings
and the salty ones with royal mermaids disguished as corals.

Today we gave the frozen lands, and the burning ones,
watered by the rain of happiness.

And we populated it with weird species of useless beauty
found yesterday.

Today we created the leaves, the branches, the trunks…
the forest to shelter ourselves of the hopelessness.

Today we created laughter and weeping.
weeping to fertilize the soil,
laughter to dry weeping. Today.

Today we created the past and memory.
And we made History.

And Today we also created the future
to know where we come from.

And Today goes on.
Today always exists in every day.

Today is a day of joy.

Every Today involves a present.

Right now, in a few minutes…
the world is beginning.
To c.a.s.j.
My Queen of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Thanks AiYiYi for your translation


text: 33 - Today we created the World - INT - 070927
photo: @444-FB-061201-Amanece sobre el Real
music: Thomas Otten


2 comentarios:

  1. No entiendo apenas nada del texto, ya lo sabes... (Bueno, el final sí, jaja...).

    Pero sí la música y la imagen. Y son... son... uf...


  2. You know that I love this post, that photo, and specially the Otten's music that you had before than this. And of course, I love these words, specially understanding them. xxx