022 - Princess Chen Blue Hat

There she was, waiting for me with a big poster saying YES.

I thought it was for me. So, I though she was waiting for me. And so she was.

She was living under a purple hat. The first thing she told me was that she didn’t like that colour, although she had another one. The other, the one to be worn, apart from the hat where she was living in.

As I am a person of quick solutions, I gave her two new hats. One to be worn on, blue coloured, and the other one to live under it. Blue coloured too.
Of course, she said to me it was the colour she liked. What could I do!

Now, under her new blue hat and with her new blue hat, she was happy. Very happy since after the change, children from all foreign countries, and some from her own country, were going to meet so that she would teach them how to talk since they came without the words on them. The truth was that there were a lot of boys and girls who didn’t know how to speak. Putting the words inside a person is a job that requires a lot of patience.

To me, as I was already her friend, she also put me some new words that I didn’t know.

By the way, all the words are free in the World of the words. It is only necessary to make a big effort and be going to look for them. If somebody wants to collect words I can assure them that it is a nice collection. And it has no limits, one is never going to finish the collection. And the most curious thing, one can collect words that they don’t understand. Well, and there is where she has an important part. She makes the children to understand words that are free everywhere.

She became famous, not only for living under a blue hat and wearing a blue hat but because she taught so well to so many children from all foreign countries, and some her own country, that one day, he was the president of the World disguised as I and he nominated her as Princess. Not any princess, the Princess Chen. Not a simple princess Chen. Princess Chen Blue Hat, already well-known as PCBH.

And now… I would like to find free words to show them to PCBH. But there are some problems. There are too many free words and I don’t know which ones to choose or even in what order to teach them.

Right, if she is patient, then I will be too.

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  1. How nice living below a hat and having a one to wear must be.

    There was somebody in a novel of Isabel Allende that made up words to give them as a present.