242 - Closed

closed, closed, closed
a thousand treasures it keeps in

closed, closed, closed
they will be soul experiences

children’s memories
passed letters
borrowed words
closed, closed, closed
a thousand treasures they keep in

that right now they are nothing


///Post 242 INT 028/090205 - Closed
///photo: 080603/C6230 - Camino de Santiago - Foncebadón - León
///link: Spanish version - Cristal Rasgado - Cerradas

2 comentarios:

  1. I think my comment in Spanish was misinterpreted so I shall try and do it better in English. The photo is lovely, like all of your photos. The colors, the poignancy.
    It made me think of Sartre's No Exit (or Behind closed doors). That's why it inspired me to say:
    Open, open, open
    to leave behind
    the stare from the others
    I sincerely believe most secrets tend to fester and that honesty is a releaser.
    Warm hugs :-)

  2. I like this poem
    it's sad and not sad
    it feels very much like life
    we become memories......

    the image is very expressive

    hugs, Susanne