when I am not here


when I've fled from here

I'll stay hidden

among a thousand million
of pages


my robins will keep singing

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  1. when you have flied from here...
    you'll stay hidden
    among a thousand million of pages...
    but you'll stay hidden
    among the pages of our lives' books, and of course, we'll fly too, and then...
    then there will be people looking for something among million of pages...
    there will be somebody that maybe will find you there,
    and your robins will keep singing
    if there is a sun,
    and maybe... maybe where you are it doesn't matter what happens with this. It won't matter. Cause souls are eternal, and you will be there forever. Memory is not eternal: recognition is eternal. Try to imagine it. It's true :).

  2. Who wants to live forever (Queen- Freddie Mercury)

    Theres no time for us
    Theres no place for us
    What is this thing that builds our dreams yet slips away
    From us

    Who wants to live forever
    Who wants to live forever....?

    Theres no chance for us
    Its all decided for us
    This world has only one sweet moment set aside for us

    Who wants to live forever
    Who wants to live forever?

    Who dares to love forever?
    When love must die

    But touch my tears with your lips
    Touch my world with your fingertips
    And we can have forever
    And we can love forever
    Forever is our today
    Who wants to live forever
    Who wants to live forever?
    Forever is our today

    Who waits forever anyway?
    (Freddie Mercury)

    But you will live forever in the hearts of people who love you and in other million thousand pages and more and more. Plenty of time for this.

  3. vaya...para una vez que decido jugar...no me entero de mucho (mis otros idiomas, a parte de la música, se me dan regulin)
    encima el audio dice "file error"...
    bueno, la foto me gusta....todo muy ordenadito, como no está en mi libreria

    un saludo ná más...total si lo mismo esto está caducado....digo, caducao

  4. Esto me lo traduces, como deberes para este trimestre.