137 - Waters flowing up

Waters flowing down
looking for the promised sea

to their ría delighted
they blend together

sweet and salty
bitter and sharp

they are told by…

black trees up there
fire and hell
smoke and blackness

and black below
desolation and death
tied with faint threads
of abject poverty full

never, they say
more, they say
we shout


still astonished
dropping joy tears
they go back to their origins

they have to tell them

about the beauty of their ría
to the reflected clouds
to the trees in the riverside

and to the ones who have all senses

Dedicada al hombre que paseaba por el Lérez
“es bueno regresar a los orígenes”

corrected by AiYiYi
Spanish version

///Post 137 INT 0018/080309 - Waters flowing up
///photo: Río Lérez bridge (Pontevedra)
///music: El Moldava - Smetana

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  1. Maybe Smetana made this music for your post :)... I wish no more black for our waters, no more nightmares for them and for us. Muac!