Opdlr's moons

I remember

I remember vaguely having travelled

inside myself

I can’t remember having arrived,

been, gone out or entered
but I remember having travelled

I can’t remember what I found

not even if I have found myself

will I have found myself?

but I remember having travelled

maybe the trip is the memory

or the memory the remembered thing

will I have travelled? – will it be a dreamed trip?

what kind of worlds will I have imagined?

that were they the Opdlr moons?

there was no space – there was no time

I want to believe – I want to believe – I want to believe

there was a trip – there is a memory – though it is only

to remember the dream.


text: Viaje a OPDLR
photos: @499-071205- slide - mirrors
music: Paul Avgerinos - Grace of the Witch

thanks AiYiYi for your translation

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  1. A Hug for you!


    Sorry mi Inglés es pésimo

  2. Ah pues aqui me parece que no vengo mas porque en ingles es que no me entero de nada.Solo se helou y gudbay.Saludos